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Our city needs our votes!
In the beginning of 2023, about 66% of the adult population of Luxembourg City had not  registered to vote in the communal elections to be held on the 11th June 2023.

Without the voice of 66% of its residents, can a local council take the right decisions for its housing policies? For its environmental policies? Or for the development of a true citizen democracy?
In order to encoura
ge non-Luxembourgish population in Luxembourg city to register on the electoral roll before 17th April 2023, the déi Lénk Stad section and a group of volunteers have launched the campaign "Our city, our votes!" .

How to register on

Why register to vote?

What we care about
Did we convince you to register to vote?
If yes, do it right away!

Do you have questions about registration?
Check out our comprehensive FAQs!
And don't just stop there!
Let's get organised in our streets, in our neighbourhoods. Let's register our neighbours and relatives. It is our city, it is our votes, it
is our everyday life that is at stake.

Join the campaign!

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What we have achieved
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